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Charity Special Box

Every bit helps to battle the struggles in life.

In honor of my late Grandmother 'Pretoria Elizabeth Richards'
I lost my grandmother (breastcancer survivor)
March 2021 due to her short battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Cocktail #1

"Lady P's Peach"

Roku Japanese Gin infused with a Rooibos Mango Peach Tea, Peach Tree, Lime, Mango Liqueur, Lemongrass & Peach syrup

Inspiration for the Cocktail
My Grandma loved her nectarines... and I loved the peaches. Almost every Friday or Saturday we would go to the market in Deventer and get our fruits, loempias and other groceries. She never ate the skins of the nectarines. And oh she loves her bush tea.

One of her favorites was lemongrass.
Lady P was her name and she lives on forever.

Pakket Informatie

Met deze twee cocktails verzamel ik geld om te doneren aan de stichting, Support Casper, voor doorbrekend onderzoek naar Alvleesklierkanker. 
Ik heb mijn oma dit jaar verloren door deze nare ziekte en zou willen bijdragen met mijn passie om deze stichting te ondersteunen. Aan het einde van elk jaar, doneer ik de opbrengsten.


The Charity Special Box
Wat houdt het pakketje in?
2 charity special cocktails in herbruikbare glazenflessen
2 bio-rietjes
2 verse fruit/gedroogd garnering voor de cocktails
m/ alcohol: €17,50*
alcoholvrij: € €12,50**
(excl. bezorgingskosten)

Bij elke aankoop gaat €4,- naar Support Casper alvleesklierkanker onderzoek organisatie
Er is al €130,- verzameld!


Cocktail #2

"Elizabeth's Tea" 🫖
White Rum, Cream of Coconut, Guava Syrup, Orange Blossom Water, Lime, Pineapple

Inspiration for the Cocktail
My Grandma was a true Brit... could you tell by her name?
She always drank her tea with milk... and so did I follow those footsteps, because I still do up to this day.
Well let's rewind a bit...
I meant, she drank her milk with tea. It was always more milk than tea. So in honor of one of my favorite persons in the world. This drink's for her with a vibrant Caribbean twist.

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